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Freedom Auto Service

Freedom Auto Services Loudoun County VA



Allow us to introduce our company, FREEDOM AUTO SERVICE.

Freedom Auto Service, the concierge of vehicle maintenance and repair, is a family owned and operated business that provides vehicle pick-up and return service for our customers that require maintenance and repair work on their vehicles.

Freedom Auto Service will help you maximize your valuable time and hard earned financial resources by ensuring you purchase only the services that are necessary for good maintenance and a healthy checkbook.  Far too many customers spend their money on unnecessary services.  With this in mind, Freedom Auto Service was created to help bridge the gap between the automotive owner and the vehicle maintenance industry.

We offer a free vehicle maintenance consultation that covers your manufacturers recommendations with every scheduled appointment.  We will help you determine the services that your vehicle needs vice the costly add-ons recommended by the service advisor.  A Freedom Auto Service Team (FAST) member will bring your vehicle to a selected service shop for an oil change/preventative maintenance, minor repair work, such as brakes, tune-ups, tire replacement, etc.  We also take appointments for yearly VA state and emissions inspections.

The Freedom Auto Service Team (FAST) is comprised of automotive maintenance and management professionals with over 50 years of automotive industry expertise.  Our knowledge and hands-on experience in vehicle preventative maintenance and repair will best serve your needs in todays competitive market.

Benefits for a Business Owner or Organization:

Ensures your employees vehicles are better maintained for safe travel to and from work

Enables your employees to maximize their work performance while remaining at work while their vehicle undergoes repair or maintenance, and/or yearly VA safety and emissions inspections

Benefits for Vehicle Owner:

Frees up your personal time by not having to deal with vehicle maintenance or repair issues

Saves you money by providing a free vehicle maintenance consultation with every scheduled appointment 

Helps you determine needed vehicle services vice costly service advisor recommended add-ons

Allows you to maintain your vehicle from any location (home, work, or leisure); a properly maintained vehicle will ensure your safety

Avoiding pushy service advisers will be a thing of the past.  Our FAST members will handle all the work for you

Freedom Auto Service provides a customer experience unlike any other. We take pride in ensuring you only purchase the service(s) that are necessary to properly maintain and protect your investment.  We are not in business to sell you vehicle maintenance but to advise you in making the correct decisions.  

To Schedule your appointment or to get more information about our company please visit our website at

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