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Lynchburg Tree Stewards

Arbor Day Event in Lynchburg VA


Tree City USA - 30 Years - Arbor Day Event Lynchburg, VA
Ask local experts - certified arborists, tree stewards, Trees Virginia, Master Gardeners, Central VA Beekeepers, Master Naturalists 

Lumberjack displays, BIG tree equipment & large tree pruning, chain saw carving, Duck carving, Fire trucks, Children's activities, Nature Zone live animals, forest friends, Police dog demonstrations
Lynchburg Tree Stewards
State Arbor Days (state trees in brackets)

Alabama  Last full week in February (Longleaf Pine)
Alaska  Third Monday in May (Sitka Spruce)
Arizona  Last Friday in April (Paloverde)
Arkansas  Third Monday in March ( Pine)
California  March 7-14 (California Redwood)
Colorado  Third Friday in April ( Blue Spruce)
Connecticut  April 30 ( White Oak)
Delaware  Last Friday in April ( American Holly)
District of Columbia  Last Friday in April (Scarlet Oak)
Florida  Third Friday in January ( Cabbage Palmetto)
Georgia  Third Friday in February ( Live Oak)
Hawaii  First Friday in November (Kukui)
Idaho  Last Friday in April ( Western White Pine)
Illinois  Last Friday in April ( White Oak)
Indiana  Last Friday in April (Tuliptree)
Iowa  Last Friday in April (Oak)
Kansas  Last Friday in March (Cottonwood)
Kentucky  First Friday in April (Tulip Poplar)
Louisiana  Third Friday in January (Baldcypress)
Maine  Third full week in May ( Eastern White Pine)
Maryland  First Wednesday in April ( White Oak)
Massachusetts  April 28-May 5 ( American Elm)
Michigan  Last Friday in April ( Eastern White Pine)
Minnesota  Last Friday in April (Red Pine)
Mississippi  Second Friday in February ( Southern Magnolia)
Missouri  First Friday in April ( Flowering Dogwood)
Montana  Last Friday in April (Ponderosa Pine)
Nebraska  Last Friday in April (Cottonwood)
Nevada  Southern: February 28; Northern: April 23 (Singleleaf Pinyon)
New Hampshire  Last Friday in April ( Paper Birch)
New Jersey  Last Friday in April ( Northern Red Oak)
New Mexico  Second Friday in March (Pinyon)
New York  Last Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)
North Carolina  First Friday following March 15 ( Pine)
North Dakota  First Friday in May ( American Elm)
Ohio  Last Friday in April (Ohio Buckeye)
Oklahoma  Last full week in March (Eastern Redbud)
Oregon  First full week in April (Douglas Fir)
Pennsylvania  Last Friday in April (Eastern Hemlock)
Rhode Island  Last Friday in April ( Red Maple)
South Carolina  First Friday in December ( Cabbage Palmetto)
South Dakota  Last Friday in April ( White Spruce)
Tennessee  First Friday in March (Yellow Poplar)
Texas  Last Friday in April (Pecan)
Utah  Last Friday in April ( Blue Spruce)
Vermont  First Friday in May ( Sugar Maple)
Virginia  Second Friday in April ( Flowering Dogwood)
Washington  Second Wednesday in April (Western Hemlock)
West Virginia  Second Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)
Wisconsin  Last Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)
Wyoming  Last Monday in April (Cottonwood)



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I live in the Shenandoah Valley and I see so many people just hacking up the tress all the time. It is so sad to see. It's getting hard to find any shade in the summer any more.

Mark at 540-335-8190 from the
Shenandoah Valley

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